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DJ Duck’s first encounter with DJing was at his grandfather’s place at the age of 5.  He was fiddling around with his grandfather’s oldschool furniture stereo system which had a tall vertical record holder that held multiple records before being dropped on the turntable.  You can only imagine what a collectible item this piece was worth.  Fascinated by how the record was spinning, lil Duck took it upon himself to see what would happen if he scratched the record back and forth with the arm and needle to the record.  It made quite the interesting sound. It was peculiar yet appealing to his ear. What kind of intriguing sound is this, thought the lil Duck.  He became persistent and continued scratching the record back and forth while on occasion the arm went flying off the record player and eventually broke.  As a result, he stood in front of his grandfather and lil Duck’s parents and they were pretty upset.  Back then, there was no such thing as go to your room.

Shortly thereafter, on his birthday, DJ Duck was given a Fisher Price Turntable which had different coloured records with multiple mini-holes which made interesting sounds.  He was intrigued once again. However, this time he didn’t break it and made the best of it until he was old enough to handle a stereo system his parents had purchased for our leisure.  While playing his parents records on the record player, he became acquainted with different artists such as The Temptations, Donny Osmond, Jackson 5, Tom Jones and The Rolling Stones just to name a few.  At some point in his life, he wanted to buy his own records. So with allowances he was slowly able to buy records. His first record was the Breakdance record that came with a huge poster on how to breakdance. Other purchases followed including: Michael Jackson’s Thriller Album, Madonna’s very first album & The Breakin’ Soundtrack just to name a few.  Over the years to come he would build his record collection.

Once in grade 8, he got his first gig DJing house parties and a school dance with his 2 tape decks.  At the time DJ Duck couldn’t afford technics 1200 turntables, so tape decks were the only alternative.  He had 2 speakers and an amp which were made by Realistic, a company which, at the time, Radio Shack owned.  From there, things got out of hand. He entered highschool and met other DJs and became affiliated with the turntable and techniques of DJing.  He started to buy records on a consistent basis and started making mixtapes and DJing House Parties/Highschool Dances/Elementary School Dances. Once he went to University, DJing continued to be his hobby DJing for University pubs and events as well as Clubs. But that didn’t stop there.  Eventually, he became an active DJ for corporate events and weddings for many more years.  At some point in life he became intrigued in making his own music.  After all, he had been playing the guitar for many years and composed his own music.  So DJing became a less priority and he focused the next few years on music productions. However, DJing could not leave him as he became more involved in the Latin scene and currently DJs various Latin gigs with the occasional wedding. He still focuses on music productions but more selective towards Latin Remixes and trying to fuse English Popular Music with Latin vibes.

So far his productions have become known nationally and internationally.  He quotes, “The most amazing feeling is when you’re able to spin your own music at Clubs or Socials and people sing and dance to your music… It’s inspiring and motivating!”  DJ Duck thanks everyone who has supported his work of art from DJing to producing music. It’s the people that motivate him to experiment and produce more music and at the same token be able to spin his tracks for the masses.  Exposed to so many different music and DJs, he has learned a lot to fuse music together.  And you can hear it in his mixes.  He can never stick to one genre.

Check out the media section and you will see.  “To all my supporters out there, I will humbly continue to make music because of you.  You are what has shaped me today and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Bless!”

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